Sunday, June 25, 2017

                                     CURRY  DOWN  UNDER

Judith Curry's defense of Trump's climate tweets on Australian public radio recalls Spicey's sound bites at a White House press conference. 

But the presenter sounds like NPR on steroids- his next program explaining this one features just John Church & Naomi Oreskes. 

Having listened for an hour to:

  • Don Aitkin
    Former Vice-Chancellor
    University of Canberra
  • Brian O’Brien
    Adjunct Professor of Physics
    University of Western Australia
    Perth WA
  • Judith Curry
    Former Professor and Chair
    School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Atlanta Georgia USA
  • Freeman Dyson
    Former Professor of Physics
    Institute for Advanced Study
    Princeton University
    Princeton New Jersey USA
  • Garth Paltridge
    Retired Atmospheric Physicist
    Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University
    Emeritus Professor and Honorary Research Fellow
    Institute of Antarctic and Southern Oceans Studies
    University of Tasmania
    Hobart Tasmania
  • Andy Pitman
    Professor and Director
    ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science
    The University of New South Wales
    Sydney NSW
  • Steven Sherwood
    Climate Change Research Centre
    University of New South Wales
    Sydney NSW
I really don't think so.
 Judge for yourself --