Friday, June 23, 2017

                           HANG  ON  TO  YOUR  SCALP

Rick Perry's DOE has named a new Director  of  Indian  Energy, former Chiricahua Apache Nation Attorney General Brute Bradford. One whose Tweeting  habits  recall  those of the Great White Chief:

The Washington Post says the former :
"faculty member... at the United  Arab Emirates  National  Defense  College , Bradford  has  been  at  the center of controversies  in the past, these missives sent from his now-deleted Twitter account have not been previously reported. In an email on Thursday, Bradford acknowledged the Twitter account and apologized for his comments.
“As a minority and member of the Jewish faith, I sincerely apologize for my disrespectful and offensive comments,” he wrote to The Post. “These comments are inexcusable and I do not stand by them... 
In 2015, he resigned from his post at West Point after writing an academic paper arguing  the United States  should  threaten  to destroy  Muslim  holy sites in war
 “even if it means great destruction, innumerable enemy casualties, and     civilian collateral damage.”
Bradford  also  called  for  legal  scholars  “sympathetic to  Islamist aims”  to  be imprisoned  or  “attacked.”  He dubbed  such  academics  “critical  law of armed conflict academy,” or  CLOACA,  which is also a term for  the orifice out of which some animals defecate... 
 “I stand by my article,"
 he  wrote  in an email to The Post at the time."