Thursday, June 1, 2017


 BREITBART      JEFF POorThursday on Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends conservative  commentator  Mark Steyn  offered  his views  on how President  Donald Trump  should  proceed with the Paris Accord  on  so-called climate change"

Co-host Brian Kilmeade asked why the issue of climate change had become a “religion” for the left, to which Steyn noted those on the left argue border enforcement is an impossibility, yet they believe they can control the heavens.
“I think precisely because it is so meaningless,”  Steyn replied as to why the left is so  invested  in  the  issue.  “Because  if you say to them,  ‘Let’s  enforce  the border’ — ‘What?  Are  you  out  of  your  mind?  That’s just a natural phenomenon.  We  can’t  enforce  the  border.  People are going to be coming in anyway.’ 

But if you say to them, ‘We can control the very heavens,’  that, we can do.  And it’s  actually  literally  insane.  The  less  it  has to do with your life,  the  more  the left is invested in it.”