Monday, August 7, 2017

                               THERE  GOES  THE  SUN

Of all the dubious climate change metrics  bombastic  climate communicators  have unleashed,  few can  compete  with the effort to convert  thermal infrared radiative forcing out of bland watts  per  square  meter, and back  into  good  old-fashioned scary A-Bombs:

But a  climabombametric  crisis  will  arise on August 21st, as America's  lower  48  states  are  cut  in  half  by  the  moon's moving shadow, when a total eclipse of the sun takes a ninety mile bite out of solar radiative forcing input at its source.

Readers  are invited to do the math and report  elsewhere on how they translate their   calculations of how many A-Bomb's worth of  CO2  forcing  posterity  will  be  deprived  of by this inconvenient  phenomenon, into the  decidedly  non-SI gigahiroshima units  in which the polemically  ubiquitous  SKS bombometer is calbrated.