Saturday, September 30, 2017


New Jo Nova Science 23: 

Four mysteries and The Force-X Hypothesis

Is Force X two different forces? 
The Sun could influence Earths climate through magnetic fields, solar particle flows, or spectral changes. | Image: ESA
There are two key clues, almost contradicting each other, which we must solve to figure out what Force X is.
How do we explain that mysterious pattern — ... David calculates that to “notch” out the extra sunlight would only take an increase in clouds of 0.05%. It’s too small to detect.
As usual, electrical engineers will be most at home with David’s analysis. Force D works like a low pass filter and notching occurs in every Western electrical system, both of which are bread and butter stuff for electrical engineers. Come with us on another step towards figuring out the system…  — Jo
David Evans 
I am writing a book on this at the moment, aimed at my arts graduate mother, and within the grasp of most politicians and journalists, with no equations and lots of pretty pictures.
UPDATE: Not that James [Delingpole] isn’t supportive of our efforts on the science front. On the contrary, he wrote two rather nice articles on the Cool Futures Hedge Fund (see also here), which the head of the Lord Monckton Foundation set up to take financial advantage of the cluelessness of the warmists and the upcoming collapse of their intellectual and financial world, based on our efforts:

I’m putting my money where my mouth is and betting against climate change
World’s First Anti-Global-Warming Hedge Fund Sticks It To The Greenies