Thursday, November 9, 2017

                                THREAT  OR  MENACE ?

Representative Posey of  Washington posed these questions to the panel of witnesses at  the House Science Committee's  November 8 hearing on geoengineering:
"How would it compare to the risks of bioengineering and  nanotechnologies?" 
"Any hard evidence on the effect that of subsurface activity has on the atmosphere?  
I mean we know what ended the last ice age. 
It was an asteroid strike which basically  created the Gulf of Mexico, and darkened out the Earth for many, many years, and allowed it to freeze over. 
There are some conditions that exist here now that have the potential to recreate that catastrophe. What if then -- some of the research I've seen at Yellowstone, the big volcano in the Azores that they say will cause a 100 foot high tsunami, you know?  
Your thoughts on how that will affect us."