Friday, November 24, 2017

                  CO2  SCIENCE  RUNS  OUT  OF  STEAM

After decades spent collecting millions from Peabody Energy, ALEC, Southwest Coal and  The Heartland Institute-- they compiled  the  ill-fated  NIPCC  report,  the money supporting  two generations of Idsos  Pere et Fils,  has evporated, leaving them to face into a painful transition  from  professional PR hacks to amateur  conspiracy theorists: 

At the  the scientifically disinterested  blog of what has been styled "the von Trapp family of climate denial."  Sherwood B. Idso writes " we never discuss our funding. Why? Because we believe that ideas about the way the world of nature operates should stand or fall on their own merits, irrespective of the source of support for the person or organization that produces them ... "

But what about they say when they run out of science:

Easy Call

Posted by Jeff Id on June 17, 2017
America is not allowed to elect a conservative president of any form.  The deep state, fourth branch of government has declared that they now have critical mass to enforce their will upon us independently from our elected officials.  Liberal feeders have infected every branch of government, media and education to the point where even without any evidence, a conservative president will be impeached.  
There is zero evidence that Trump has done anything wrong, yet we are surrounded by openly visible liberal crimes that go un-prosecuted.  Comey leaking to get a fake prosecutor, Hillary selling the US for personal gain,  Obama fast and furious, Hillary’s dead ambassador to Lybia and the lies to cover it, instead we have fake prosecution recommended by deputy ag Rosenstein for Trump firing Comey, the very act that Rosenstein recommended in a public letter.  
Now we have a fake ‘public’ trial by partisan judges where every witness admitted that there is no evidence of wrongdoing.   A trial which hasn’t ended because now the prosecuting liberals have switched from the proven false ‘Russia stole the election’ charges to different FAKE charges of obstruction of justice.  Obstructing the investigation of the proven fake Russia stole the election charge by the way.
How does one obstruct justice regarding the non-investigation of a fake crime?
Only in America methinks.
Trump could order the investigation of something he was guilty of, stopped,  without being guilty of obstruction by the way, because he’s actually the boss.  He’s completely allowed to do that...13 LIBERAL lawyers. Hillary and Democrat donors, Investigating a president without even a potential crime.  YES they will make something up.  We don’t know what but LAWYERS lie for a living.  They twist fact into innuendo as a matter of duty.  
It seems Trump has little choice.  In his place, I would fire them all right now with the statement that it is in our country’s best interest that these idiots move on.  Muller, Rosenstein, and about 2500 other Obama swampmongers would leave right at this exact moment if I had the ability.   Trump gets the same result either way, prosecution, innuendo and nonsense.  Chuck them to the curb with extreme prejudice...


Posted by Jeff Id on June 6, 2017
[I’m self snipping this post – not because I disagree with it but because I can’t do anything about fake news so I might as well ignore it.]  I will say though, that I’m still pissed about it.