Friday, November 3, 2017


RUSH: November 4th... on this program. Back then, I, your host, as a descriptive tool, created for your visualizing  The Four Corners of Deceit  in our culture that altogether combined, suffice to lie to students and the American people. 

The Four Corners of Deceit are government, academia, science, and the media...
I pointed out ... that one of the things the left in this country attempts to do is to codify elements of their ideology as science. Liberalism is science, and therefore it’s irrefutable. Science is what is. Science allows for no agreement. Once science says something, then that something is, and you can’t refute it and you can’t disagree with it. 
You can, but you would be a kook. This is one of the techniques that the left has used. Global warming is nothing more than the left’s political ideology. It’s nothing more than one of the planks of their grand design, but they codify it as science so it’s indisputable.  I’m talking about the way that they interact and impose things on the low-information crowd. 
Global warming, many other things are attempted and achieved this way. Codify liberalism as science, therefore making it irrefutable, making it inarguable. But in the case of global warming, it’s failed, everybody knows it’s a hoax. Well, not everybody, but a growing number do. 
Now, up until the global warming hoax, science had almost total credibility.  If somebody was a scientist and said something, it was automatically believed.  Just the way, by the way, journalists used to be believed.  Make no mistake,