Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Al Gore bilks people at Christmas – asking

for ‘climate crisis’ money

Anthony Watts / 1 day ago 

The true mark of a shyster is to take advantage of every opportunity to milk a person for money, and especially when emotions and sympathy run high. Christmas is one of those times. I give you exhibit A, Al Gore’s “Climate Reality Project”. I got this in my inbox this morning.
Of course, when you click on that donate button, Al doubles
Yes, send money to Al Gore to “end the climate crisis”. Yeah, that’s the ticket.
He has quite a payroll to support, just look at all the employees here
Anybody stupid enough to fall for this, especially on Christmas, deserves everything they are going to get back from Mr. Gore, which as my inbox shows, is nothing but requests for more money. Just look at all the emails I’ve received in the last 30 days:
Al Gore, climate shyster.