Monday, February 19, 2018

                      A  RISING  SWAMP   LIFTS  ALL  DOLTS

Greenwire  reports:
Trump energy adviser's White House run went up in smoke
Unless George David Banks, who resigned  last  week  after  being denied  security  clearance  over marijuana use in 2013,  moves on to another Trump administration post at the Department of Energy, or the Department of the Interior, he may beat a happy retreat to the fever swamps of K Street. 
"Going back  to be  a  full-time  swamp  creature ”
 he said, “ is certainly an attractive option."...
The administration, Banks said, 'is mulling positions for him at the Interior or Energy department. It's not clear yet what's available"

He said he plans to rejoin the American Council for Capital Formation (ACCF) next month and has taken a seat on the advisory board for ClearPath, the conservative clean energy advocacy group... and the "clean coal" initiative he had been leading.
" It was  Energy  Secretary  Perry's  idea, the "clean coal" initiative.  He announced it  in  Africa.  The idea has been accepted by the administration, and what's to be decided is the shape and form of  its implementation. It's going to be "clean fossil." It's  not  just  a  clean  coal coalition."
Asked "How do you blow off steam?" Banks replied:
It's not pot.
I love flea markets. It's really going to flea markets and collecting stuff I'm really into. Vintage baseball cards, coins, "Star Wars" toys. But I definitely spend a lot of time over the next months getting healthy again..."