Monday, February 5, 2018

                                     JURASSIC  SNARK

Delingpole: Climate Bully Mob Tries to Oust Trump Supporter from Natural History Museum

Never once — as you’ve circumnavigated the blue whale or gawped at those marvelous Teddy Roosevelt-style dioramas in the mammal halls or admired the T-Rex’s jagged 6-inch gnashers — have you paused in deep thought and mused to yourself: “Gee. I wonder if the guys who pay for all this stuff are Democrats or Republicans?”
The reason you’ve never had this thought is because you’re not stupid. 
Or at least, not that stupid’s so obvious that even one of the stuffed primates in the Akeley Hall of African Mammals could grasp this basic point

Science is about objectivity. Politics is about subjectivity...
To believe otherwise, you’d have to deny all the evidence of history, know nothing about the scientific method and be really, really thick.
Thicker than a pickled cuttlefish in a jar of surgical spirit; dumber than a lobotomized mollusk; more basic than an amoeba with severe learning difficulties.

Does  this stuffed primate  descend from  Steve Bannon  on his mother's  or his father's side?

So bearing all this mind, what should we feel towards... Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann,...and you, Naomi Oreskes,..and you, Kerry Emmanuel, and many of you others among the 182 signatories of this bizarre, outrageous, and embarrassing ... “Open Letter from Scientists to the American Museum of Natural History,” it begins with a paragraph wreathed in apparent high-mindedness and dispassionate concern.

On what basis? ... Oh great. A single paper, published in  Nature — an organ notorious for disseminating parti-pris studies pal-reviewed by climate alarmists on the scaremongering global warming gravy train... greenies, liberals, and fellow travelers on the climate change gravy train sniffing one another’s farts inside their ideological bubble and congratulating themselves on just how nice it smells...
As Homewood notes:
It is the sort of behaviour one would normally associate with communist and fascist juntas, and needs to be fought tooth and nail.
Yes, indeed.