Tuesday, February 27, 2018

                                     THE  VICAR  OF  OZ

Oklahoma's gift to the nation has gone on the air: 

In Oklahoma’s early days, an oil patch hack was thought a cur,
But I climatic truth reviled, and gained great preferment, sir!

If  science’s laws do not obtain, no science need you cite, sir,
All weather’s due to cosmic rays, I'm paid to say ‘tis right, sir!

Since  great  praise  of  CO2  can 
 further  my  promotion,
I'll ban science from my mind, and damn the warming notion

Here science’s laws do not obtain-no science can you cite, sir,
For through rains and hurricanes, I always bank my pay, sir!

Ronald Reagan’s treaty treating ozone with compassion  
Soon  gave way to  fat  Al  Gore’s Apocalyptic  passion,
As  temperatures in  Tulsa rose in most alarming fashion

But science’s laws there don’t obtain-my  bloggerel I'll cite, sir,
For though blistering drought may reign, my  paycheck's always right, sir.

Now  Pruitt’s  come  to  Washington 'tis warm in  February,
But pay the steaming swamp no mind, the White House says be merry.

Here where  science can’t prevail, we vicars drink fine sherry
And from our K Street pulpits bray Climate-what, me worry?
This much is sure, I shall endure, the vicar never pays, sir!