Monday, March 5, 2018


Darling, thank God for sea level rise
The latest remake of Ye Olde African meteorite wonder metal meme has inspired a spinoff. 
In 1936, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi  harrowed  the  cliche' jungles of Belgian Katanga in The Invisible Ray, searching for  vibranium's  superpower inducing ancestor "Radium X." 

That was 30 years before the first  Black Panther  comic  book put  the  Magic Dirt of  Wakanda  on the  strategic metals  map, but the  huge  box office  of  next year's  Best PC  Picture  inspired  a  prescient climate theater collective to base a polymorphously plagiarized plot on this years months before it won last night's Oscar.

Danny Bloom says:
23 Feb 2018 at 12:05 AM
A ‘cli-fi’ stage play ‘Extreme Whether’ written and directed by veteran playwright Karen Malpede is set for March 1-18 run in Manhattan. If you live anywhere near... make a beeline for the La MaMa theater to see this timely show...

Heralded as “brilliant” and “important” in performances in French and English in Paris several years ago...“Exteme Whether” (sic)— not ”weather” but ”whether” please note — is a fierce expose of politically motivated censorship and a look at the courage it takes to keep up the fight for truth against immensely powerful forces.
It is, also, equally, a love story: of people for nature, a girl for a deformed frog, two  embattled  climate scientists  for  truth and one another, and an old man , "Uncle" ...
Theater Three Collaborative is a social justice internationally touring theater company.