Friday, March 30, 2018

                         CLIMATE  OF  FEAR  DEEPENS  AS

President Trump's prospective summit meeting with  Kim  Jong Un  has cast the shadow of
an orgy of lagomorphagy over the Pascal  season.

In the darkest days of Kim Jong Un's late father, Kim Jong   Il,  a  philanthropic German farmer dispatched the world's largest rabbit to starving North Korea with the aim of founding a breeding program to alleviate famine.
Herr Szmolinsky is hopping mad at the Nork bunny boilers

Alas, the  twenty kilogram  uberbunny  arrived as Kim Jong-il's 2007  birthday party approached, and it was spotted by the Dear Leader's culinary talent scouts.
While the embassy of the  Democratic People's Hermit Kingdom denied the  Guiding Sun Ray & Invincible and  Ever Triumphant General would ever authorize the termination of the Easter Bunny with extreme  prejudice,  his  personal chef later confessed  to the alleged lepicide, having combined the Prussian Giant Grey Rabbit with a giant pumpkin to create a supersized crunchy stir-fry. 

Between  Novochok doorknobs,  polonium tea, and  the  spectre  of Tuleremia genes spliced into ghost chilli kimchi, Secret Service food tasters may have a full plate if the summit comes off-- the rumored venue is Kazakhstan.
On the Internet, no one knows you're Steve Bannon in a bunny suit.