Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Dino Grandoni  & Paula Firozi of the Washington Post invite you to :
... not every member of the "deep state" is a Democrat. Career officials with conservative leanings ... are wielding newfound power in the Trump administration...

Through the George W. Bush and Barack Obama years, Goklany regularly worked with conservative think tanks skeptical of climate change, including publishing two books with the Cato Institute and speaking on panels held by the Heartland Institute. Now under Trump, he has repeatedly scrutinized the department’s climate research... Goklany marked up an Obama-era Park Service brochure on the effects of global warming... as “propaganda for a favored option.” A month later, Goklany was reviewing a draft of at least one U.S. Geological Survey paper on climate change ...

          Fred Singer  &      Sherman Idso                                                               Indur  Golkany                      
In 2013 Golkany made a cameo appearance in Beijing as the token governmental presence at a propaganda event in an empty hotel room paid for by the Heartland Institute, which weirdly styled as a:
Ceremony of Climate Change Reconsidered & the Workshop on 
International Climate Change Science Viewpoints 
a book launch staged to imply that the Chinese Academy of Sciences somehow endorsed NIPCC, a ludicrously low-brow pastiche of the IPCC  report that Heartland paid Fred Singer & Sherman Idso over 100K to write -- and internationally publicize.

Academic peer review never entered into it. Heartland dealt instead with the Academy's scientific vanity press, a pay-for-play subsidiary with an automated translation service  that will, for a price, print out bound copies of a passable Mandarin translation of any text, scientific or otherwise.

So when  Heartland President Joe Bast proclaimed :
“This is a historic moment in the global debate about climate change. The translation and publication of Climate Change Reconsidered By the prestigeous Chinese Academy of Sciences follows strong statements by the Russian Academy of Sciences dissenting from claims that global warming is either man-made or a crisis"
The Chinese Academy  angrily responded:
"The claim of the Heartland Institute about Chinese Academy of Science endorsement of its report is completely false. 

If the Heartland Institute does not withdraw its false news or refuse to apologize, all the consequences and liabilities should be borne by the Heartland Institute."