Saturday, April 7, 2018


Neurotheologist Michael Persinger, who theorizes the neural basis of religious experiences, has interrupted his research on magnetic phenomena & the brain to propound the geomagnetic basis of climate change:

Although there are powerful models that couple human activity with elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and global warming, the relationships are still based upon correlations rather than causation. Consequently, there is always the probability of a third factor that produces both. Analyses of the diminishing magnetic dipole moment of the earth and the increased carbon dioxide levels and global temperature within the last 40 years revealed correlations of −0.99 and −0.90, respectively. This powerful association has been reported by other researchers. Why it has been ignored by the scientific community is not clear. The sources of the shift in average geomagnetic (magnetic dipole) intensity have not been identified but these relatively rapid decreases and increases have occurred historically with onsets of periods of warming and cooling, including glacier formation. If the long-time quasi-periodicity of the earth’s magnetic dipole moment is coupled to alterations in solar activity as the system moves around the galactic center, then attribution of elevated carbon dioxide-temperature to human sources rather than actual etiologies can be counterproductive to adaptation.
Figure 1. The decline of the intensity of the total magnetic field strength of the earth (blue line) and increase in Global Averaged carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.