Monday, April 2, 2018



Thank you for visiting my website.  Over fifteen years ago I became very interested in the theory of man made global warming. While attending a convention in California I awoke one morning to the sound of the clock radio next to my bed. A scientist was speaking about climate change, and he asked some very interesting questions. It was Patrick Michael... He said some very interesting things about CO2 that were contrary to what one normally heard.

*the world was a bit more warm, but it was not any warmer than in the past. It wasn't that high temperatures were any higher than they used to be, but the world was a bit less cold. The warming was on the low side of temperature measurement, not the high side. Summers were not generally any hotter, but the winters were not as cold as they used to be.

*according to the man made global warming theory the upper atmosphere and ocean surface temperatures were supposed to be getting warmer but they are not. Weather balloons have been used for decades and they show no increase in upper atmospheric temperatures.

*the land based temperature sensors were showing some higher temperatures, but only because of the growth of urban areas around the sensors. Urban heat islands absorb heat unlike rural areas. Rural areas were not experiencing the warming that urban areas were.

*It was not true that the earth was experiencing more flooding than in the past (the global warming theory states that warming temperatures would cause more rain and thus more storms and flooding) . There was a bit more rain, a tenth of an inch more, but this merely caused a bit less drought but certainly not more storms or flooding.

*CO2 causes more rapid plant growth and higher crop yields. Rising CO2 levels were greening the planet and helping to feed a growing world population.

All of this was contrary to what the headlines were saying and I  wanted to learn more. I dove into the issue.

This Website became active on September 18, 2008. When I visited Capitol Hill to lobby some of my local Congressional Representatives on trade issues they mentioned the carbon cap and trade bill they wanted to pass next year. Rep. Steny Hoyer's legislative chief told us a carbon tax  would "raise hundreds of billions of dollars every year". I was startled. If climate change is not the result of mankind's emission of CO2, and our economy is rocked by an additional cost from carbon cap and trade or other such programs, it could be disastrous to the nation. Thus, the birth of this website...
I have found that natural forces, and not CO2, are the primary drivers of our global climate. Solar activity, ocean cycles (PDO and AMO), as well as volcanic activity have the largest impact, by far, on temperatures. Never in geological history has CO2 been a driver of the climate. I was surprised to learn that in 85% of the last 600,000,000 years, CO2 levels were higher than today. They were at least 5 times times higher in the Dinosaur Period. There were also three ice ages with more CO2 than today, one had fifteen times more!...
I salute anyone who has read this statement, for certainly you are one of the pioneers...
This website has no sponsors or financial supporters, it is entirely the creation of myself. I am simply a private individual in a family business, and wish to help people to better  understand that there is no consensus on this subject and nor should there be... The benefits from rising CO2 are likely to be significantly greater than any costs, even if the theory was true, which observation and the geological history, demonstrate quite clearly that CO2 is a very minor player when it comes to temperatures.

Geoff Pohanka