Thursday, November 29, 2018


Why this new meme on social media is not just wrong, but belittling

By Donna Laframboise, from her Facebook page
Among the Good Kind WUWT contributors Donna Laframboise admires are Jo Nova and her husband David Evans, who tout a hedge fund for climate contrarians
This photo is making the rounds at the moment. People I love and admire have posted it. Good people. Kind people. So I’m going to try to explain why it’s counter productive.
As a journalist I have followed the climate debate closely for a decade. When I research a topic, I dig deep. I assure you, it has never been the position of skeptics that ‘climate change isn’t real.’ That is a fundamental misrepresentation.
The climate has always changed. The last Ice Age was a mere 12,000 years ago. From this perspective, the claim that climate change is ‘caused by humans’ strikes skeptics as profoundly scientifically illiterate, a case of puny humanity exaggerating its importance on a planet whose climate was doing its own thing *billions* of years before humans even appeared.
The real question is: What portion of current climate change is caused by humanity?
Despite research costing billions, science cannot answer this question.