Thursday, April 18, 2019

                        MY KINGDOM FOR A HOAX

A scientist with staring eyes pours liquid from one test tube to another in a laboratory scene from an unknown German film. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
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Nolte: ‘Scientific Response’ to My Global Warming Op-Ed Is Really Stupid


Earlier this month I wrote an op-ed about how a new scientific discovery proves that the idea of man-made Global Warming is a hoax. This week a bunch of scientists gang-tackled my op-ed, and let’s just say the response wasn’t all that impressive...

“The new research shows that a past high CO2 period had lots of global warming, just like we expect from today’s human-driven CO2 changes,” writes Mark Richardson, a researcher at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “Breitbart’s argument is that since CO2 changed naturally before, we can’t change it now.”
“This is like saying that fires happened naturally before so there is no way any of us could cause a fire. It’s wrong.” he adds.
“By the reasoning of this article, if a rock rolled down a hill three million years ago, no human can be responsible for rolling a rock down a hill today,” climatologist Kim Caldeira said.
There is no way of telling if this is a deliberate attempt to miss my point, but miss my point they did, all of them, and this entire attack is premised on missing my point…
Before Arnold Schwarzenegger was tooling around in a Hummer, before the Orange Bad Man yanked us out of Barry’s stupid treaties, this planet warmed all on its own, and did so more than once, but this time — this particular time — it’s not one of those natural cycles. And those are just the Big Things the scientific consensus epic failed on. You guys also told me  coffeesaltfat, and eggs were poison.
So, no, I have never accepted the premise that Global Warming is happening and if it is I sure as hell don’t believe it’s man-made, and now that I know this billions-year-old blue marble we all share has warmed all on its own, and done so more than once without so much as a single NASCAR race, I’m even less convinced.