Tuesday, April 16, 2019


The Harvard Gazette

New food standards aim to improve human well-being, and the planet’s

Elizabeth Gehrman
Harvard Correspondent
April 15, 2019

The University is embarking on an ambitious new plan aimed at empowering people to upgrade their eating habits..." and also get back on track to stay within the planetary boundaries that have been identified by work in the earth sciences,”[ Chan School Professor] Willett said.

The Harvard food standards... will measurably increase access to healthy, culturally appropriate foods for students, faculty, staff, and visitors while also enhancing food literacy and lessening the University’s impact on land, air, and water. The standards were also informed by Menus of Change principles...

 “Harvard is a thought leader and an action leader,” said Willett. “... The Office for Sustainability’s Living Lab initiative is designed to immerse students in such interventions, ...“We’re not setting minimum standards and then stopping there,” said [sustainability manager] Havelick. “...red meat consumption, for example, is down 40 percent ...“We have to have some hope here or we will have a disaster,” said Willett.