Saturday, April 11, 2020


Of Quinine And Chloroquine

After all the people saying we shouldn’t take chloroquine because of the side effects, let me take the opportunity to say some words about that curious drug.I moved to the Solomon Islands, in 1984... after having taken well over 100 doses of chloroquine, I gave it up. Of course, after stopping chloroquine, I got malaria... 

my mad mate Mike told me... to take three weekly doses at once (1500 mg, or 900 mg of base), then the same thing 24 hours later, then the same thing on the third day... So I started using his plan, and I never got full-blown malaria again.

Just take nine weeks worth of chloroquine [ 4.5 grams ] in three days, it aborts the onset of the chills and fever, no problem...  
Do we know scientifically if it works for COVID-19?  Nope  

But I’ll guarantee you that if I get the ‘rona, I will take chloroquine and azithromycin and zinc.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain, and Fauci is both mad and destructive to argue against it...

And that’s my story of chloroquine and the reason why I say that anyone who gets the virus should at least try it." 

Before swallowing Willis' claptrap, note that if you weigh 190 pounds, his suggested 4.5 gram dose equals
53 mg/kg , 

 and the National Institute of Health warns:
" the lethal dose of chloroquine for an adult is estimated at  
30–50  mg/kg "  

Willis' screed says he weighs ~170, so taking 4.5 G of chloroquine in three days would raise his level to nearly 60  mg/kg -- twice the lethal dose, because both choroquine and hydroxychloroquine take weeks to metabolise and excrete.