Thursday, May 14, 2020

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Attention, Citizens! 

The #COVID19 Emergency Is Over!

1 / 424  = . 1%,  BECAUSE WILLIS  SAYS SO
Around the world, both state and local governments looked at wildly exaggerated computer model projections of millions of virus deaths...

The virus hardly affects anyone—it has killed a maximum of 0.1% of the population in the very worst-hit locations. One-tenth of one measly percent...

But on the other hand, more than thirty million workers in the US are unemployed... these lockdowns are far, far more destructive than the virus... It’s like … it’s like … well, about the only example I can think of which has equivalent idiocy is if a mosquito were to land on your head and you grabbed a sledgehammer to get rid of it...

The... lesson of the emergency is the extreme importance of —“ Nefas fit nocere magnopere   Primum non nocere”, which means “This is one dangerous idiot First, do no harm”...
Same author, same blog, April 11:
 Of Quinine And Chloroquine

After all the people saying we shouldn’t take chloroquine because of the side effects, let me... say I moved to the Solomon Islands, in 1984... after stopping chloroquine, I got malaria... my mad mate Mike told me... to take three weekly doses at once (1500 mg, or 900 mg of base), then the same thing 24 hours later, then the same thing on the third day... So I started using his plan, and I never got full-blown malaria again. 
Just take nine weeks worth of chloroquine [4.5 grams] in three days... I say that anyone who gets the virus should at least try it.

That would put 53 mg/kg of chloroquine into a 190 pound adult,  but the National Institute of Health warns:

"the lethal dose of chloroquine is... 
30-50 mg/kg"

and the Poisoning & Drug Overdose handbook cautions:
"Chloroquine overdose is common, especially in countries where malaria is prevalent, and the mortality rate is 10–30%"