Sunday, June 14, 2020

                        AS  SURE- FIRE CHINESE VIRUS  CURE

MARCH 17, 202O
By Andrea Widburg

For decades, leftists have blamed all actual or potentially harmful events on global warming.  They then justify their political initiatives — from socialism to open borders to abortion — as reasonable responses to climate change.

Since the Chinese Virus appeared... leftists have fallen silent about global warming.  That silence may have to become permanent because it seems that coronavirus hates the heat... 

Indeed, that common knowledge is what led President Trump to say he believes that the coronavirus will start retreating in April.

Two studies indicate that Trump's instincts may be correct... 
  • Immediately give up using re-usable tote bags, and go for single use plastic grocery bags. Those reusable tote bags pick up germs and spread them all over the place for days. 
  • Crank up the thermostat... why take a chance in the environment you can control?

      Will Miss Widburg win the next Heartland
   Dauntless Purveyor of Climate Truth Award?

S. Fred Singer got his after authoring just 200 American Thinker essays, and  she's ground out over  500 in the last six months alone !