Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Watts' latest guest essay, Clanging of the bells on extreme weather change denies the validity of Bell weather, the 2012 Economist article, whence  comes  this  killer graph  :>
showing how rapidly  the statistical incidence of climate disasters increases with even modest warming.  

As  Wotts Up With That Blog notes
He [Bob Fernley-Jones] includes the following figure which is intended to show how the distribution will shift to higher temperatures as global temperatures increase, thus increasing the number of extreme events.
An illustration showing how warming can shift temperatures to higher values and increase the number of extreme events (credit : someone, but probably not WUWT)

Bob Fernley-Jones seems to be critical because global temperatures have only risen by 0.8oC, a negligible amount he seems to be suggesting. He suggests that using absolute temperatures would be a better representation. This is shown in the figure below. Here’s the point though, Bob, the distributions you’re criticising are not distributions of the entire globe’s absolute temperature."
... I really am trying to be civil, but it’s posts like this one by Bob Fernley-Jones that makes me wish Anthony would let someone submit a guest essay about the Dunning-Kruger effect. Hmmm, there seems to be a sufficient lack of self-awareness over at WUWT that it’s quite possible that someone could submit such a guest post and noone there would realise that it was referring to them.  

Could Watts, Herrnstein/Murray and Dunning-Kruger be related  ? 

Watt's success as a cargo cult science popularizer is lent credence by the work of Herrnstein and Murray, whose bell curve axiomaticaly centered on 100 means 47.34% of the population have IQs of 99 or less, a number in excellent agreement with the 158,000,000 fan hits Watts' blog claims.   

It's a wonder so intellectually omnivorous a Heartland Institute fellow as Watts has not explored the link between longitude and intelligence as thoroughly as that between extragalactic muons and tree rings in the Polar Urals, for it is a known fact that the elitist warming conspiracy is latitude-centric, lurking beyond the Arctic circle at the University of Tromso, and PROJECT HARP  headquarters in  Alaska, where chemtrail manipulation has warmed high latitudes beyond all reason by inducing the telluric currents that warp the flux of cosmic rays and Iron Sun neutrinos that combine with underwater volcano eminations to melt the Arctic sea.  *

The only thing proofier than a curve is a map. Recourse to one showing longitude should amply demonstrate to Tony's target demographic that average intelligence becomes a function of longitude as you approach the100th  meridian, along which right thinking people realize that the 100 days of 100 degree weather they experienced in 2012 just go to prove that the earth has not warmed in 15 years.

It is only by abandoning the demographic center of  American Thinker readership, and drifting towards regions of intellectual abnormality that readers will find populations unable to grasp  Fenley-Jones' new math, or fathom the degree to which the MSM have deceived them as to the climate hoax that obsesses the pointy headed denizens of the Left Coast. 

As to the far side of the map, no reasonable reader can believe two-digit longitudes may harbor sentient life, for congressional elections refute that hypothesis every two years.

*All these and sundry other head exploding topics have been aired at length at WUWT,  only to be taken down in the cold light of fisking, to leave a light but malodorous trail on Willard's Policy:page:
  • "Certain topics are not welcome here and comments concerning them will be deleted. This includes ...barycentrism,... chemtrails,  HAARP, Electric Universe, mysticism, and other topics...
  • For the same reasons as the absurd topics listed above, references to the “Slaying the Sky Dragon” Book and subsequent group “Principia Scientific” which have the misguided idea that the greenhouse effect doesn’t exist, and have elevated that idea into active zealotry, WUWT is a “Slayer Free Zone”. "