Monday, August 26, 2013




Were Watts sense of humor less dysfunctional than his blacklist, he might give Yosemite Sam a run for his money. 

Any acerbic comment on WUWT risks swift snipping by the Dear Leader's thought police.

So itchy are his censors trigger fingers, and so vestigial his readers' sense of irony that some feel obliged to add 
( sarc ) 
to comments attempting humor.

So taking to heart Watts' exhortation that readers lend censors a hand, on my last visit, I elected to spare them some effort  by adding the (SNIP) that has so often replaced my prose in the past. If you enjoy watching category 5  blowhards wax apoplectic, Watts response is hilarious ,  but the prize goes to an overwrought minion who thinks '(SNIP)'  represents climate science's  :
"...only defense from being shown purporting fraud. Control through fear.
Happily Anthony knows his software and how it functions enough to cut a potential manufactured threat to the site off at the knees..."
What ever would this semiotic prodigy have done had I put 'parenthesis' in parentheses?

Willard T. Watts went on to do the full Monckton, threatening academic doom and bidding me never darken his webstep again.


Still, I suppose he has a point about my failing to employ a professional cartoonist. Volunteers may respond by Heartland billboard, smoke signal or postcard.