Monday, January 27, 2014


Tired of adding the adjective Catastrophic to Anthopogenic Global Warming  Fred Singer has begun tacking Calamitous on to episodes of unseemly Coolth 

 Fred's latest op-ed  in the agnotologically challenged American Thinker admonishes us that 

The Hockeystick is a manufactured item and does not correspond to well-established historic reality.  It does not show the generally beneficial Medieval Warm Period (MWP) at around 1000 AD, or the calamitous Little Ice Age (LIA) between about 1400 and 1800. 

Now I like a good disaster as well as anyone, but where's the fun in his last 400 year run of calamities?
By 1400, the Black Death was over and done with, and the Crusades and the Golden Horde were toast.
By 1500, printing had given rise to pornography, and 1492 had opened up nothing more than the New World order.
By 1600 the Renaissance had flowered and gone to seed leaving nothing but the reformation and Galileo in its wake.
By 1700 monarchies were turning Constitutional and colonies were turning ornery.
By 1800, the Industrial and American  Revolutions had born fruit, with postmodernity to follow.
Now that 300 years of  industry have doubled climate forcing, what's not to like about restoring the general benefits of 1000 AD?  

Singerian historians can look forward to rising sea levels undoing the Netherlands until the Rhine once again becomes a Viking free trade superhighway. crop driven population growth renders serfdom again competitive with slavery, and expanding ash tree rings signal the resurgance of human sacrifice in Scandinavia.