Friday, January 24, 2014


The day after the Chinese Academy of Science's rejected his NIPCC report, D.C. Denial Doyen Fred Singer delivered a  wowser of an interview to outback yack radio host Topher. Some highlights:

Tossing Archimedes' Principle out with the bath water:
Don’t use glaciers as thermometers... In my view…when the next ice age starts,  more of the  sea water  will  freeze and become ice  and sea level  will fall back  down  to what it was  during the last ice age.
Setting agriculture back 100 million years by making corn and dinosaurs coeval:
Also from an historic reason, you should remember that all our major food crops that’s wheat and rice and maize, all developed about oh, maybe three to five thousand, well when carbon dioxide levels were three to five thousand parts per million, which is about ten let’s say ten times the present value.
 While Warmists complain flowering plants like wheat, rice and maize did not evolve until 100,000,000 years after the Carboniferous high water mark of atmospheric CO2, Fred hears the wee things crying out for the status quo ante of their tree fern ancestors:
So they really are used to higher CO2 levels, they want more CO2 levels, they are crying out to us, please give us more CO2!
After all we are returning the CO2 which we took from the atmosphere , put into fossil fuels, we are now returning it to the atmosphere.
All this carbon dioxide essentially came from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, in the ancient atmosphere and we’re returning it at this time.
In Singer's view, science should deal with fossil CO2 levels the way K Street's leading legal lights taught him to deal with unwanted evidence when he worked as a paid witness for patent trolls- By ignoring it :
There is in fact no real correlation. There were warm periods and there’ve been  cold periods; these correlate more with the way the solar system moves through the galaxy. 
Which has nothing to do with carbon dioxide is a completely different issue but has a lot to do with what exists in galactic arms, namely increased intensity of cosmic rays. Apparently that factor is an important factor in changing the climate.