Friday, June 5, 2015


Jo Nova's latest borrowing from the Grauniad asks and answers an enduring climate policy question : where to bury the survivors ? 

Strategic policy is a risky business, and the map these crusading cartographers have prepared may not have the efect they intended:

The ECOexperts may hope to alarm security analysts,  but their new map may give joy to pracitioners of diplomacy's darker arts.

From a foreign policy perspective, what's not to like about climate change ridding the world of  every real and imagined nuclear power in the Middle East and South Asia, decimating  opium and cocaine exports , thinning out Mahdism,  ebola,  insurrection & internecine warfare in Africa and the Balkans, and depopulating the old stomping grounds  of  Osama Bin Laden, Emperor Bokassa, Tamerlane, Tippu Tib, Colonel Qaddifi, Joseph Stalin , Attila the Hun & Chengis Khan ?