Sunday, January 3, 2016

   Top  20 Reasons To Leave Climate Blog Commenting  Turned  Off

                                                       1. Jay Lehr Ph.D.
Hydrologist turned Heartland Institute Science Director who speaks  with   great  authority  on the hockey stick fraud and global warming hoax,  having been convicted and jailed for defrauding the EPA of $200,000 of the taxpayer's money.

2. 'Chief Hydrologist'
A Simpsons fan whose WUWT? handle  celebrates  the segue of Sideshow Bob's younger brother  from hydrologist to criminal  mastermind, vividly recalling the career trajectory of  Heartland Science Director Lehr.

3. Piers Corbyn
Labor  Party  supremo  Jeremy Corbyn's  less  intelligent  older brother.  The  global cooling  prognosticator's more impressive publications  include a survey of  the  size  of the pebbles  on  Chesil Beach,  and DIY instructions  for a  brine-filled  barometer.  He believes the sun causes earthquakes.

4. Prof. Oliver K. Manuel
Cold fusion chemist who celebrated his theory that the sun is a ball of iron in guest appearances in Watts' blog and Heartland Institute  conferences until his arrest for child molestation.

5.  The Sky Dragons
Editorial  Collective formed to praise the  Lord for  CO2  and  deny the reality of atmospheric radiative equilibrium.  Claes Johnson stirs the  pseudoscience pot,  while  pseudo-lawyer John O’Sullivan touts the CD on Dominionist evangelical TV. Acolytes include Tim Ball PhD.

6. Harry Dale Huffman
Adiabat hobbyist whose denial of the greenhouse effect by eliding lapse rate data from Venus and Earth  has been eclipsed by his theory that space aliens altered the shape of the Australian continent to make it resemble an upside-down sheepdog.  You can't make these things up.

7. William Hunt Author of  'Global Warming Challenged,  which enjoyed  WUWT  endorsement until Watts actually read it and discovered its claim that :
Prior to the Little Ice Age, most of the areas where today’s core samples are taken, were not covered with ice. The ice that scientists have stated is hundreds of thousands of years old can be no more than a maximum of 650 years in age“ 

8. Doug Cotton 
Monomaniac whose unique non-GHG-based warming theory other wannabe Newtons can peruse at  Prinicipia Scientific Internationalwhich claims reconstructed Victorian lab gear proves CO2 isn't a greenhouse gas.

9. Dr.  James Wanliss 
In  Resisting  the  Green  Dragon: Dominion, Not Death  the 'Christian physicist ...explores and  corrects the religious and scientific errors of the radical Green movement'

10. Stefan “The Denier” Mikitch
Australian gulag survivor who denies the geochemical cycle of carbon , believing methane must stay underground,because its molecular weight is greater than  atomic nitrogen or oxygen. His 'METHANEGATE' website advocates jailing those who disagree.

 11. Arno Arrack
Self published author of “What Warming?” a book  whose Foreword whines about rejection by Nature and Science while citing the good and great Trofim Lysenko in support of his work.

12. David Legates, Ph.D., Author of  Putting Out the Dragon’s Fire on Global Warming. Appointed as Delaware State Climatologist  at Gov. Pete DuPont's request. 

13. Herman Alexander Pope
Retired NASA scientist turned epigrammatic bore:
When the Arctic is liquid, Earth is cooling 
When the Arctic is ice, Earth is warming 
This is the Thermostat of Earth
Shares Roy Spencer's view that excess CO2 in the atmosphere can't be from human activity.

14. Joachim Seifert                                  
Barely intelligible eastern European crank whose secret theory of climate change may or may not  relate to solar variations. If you really want to find out you must purchase his pamphlet in the original German from Amazon. ISBN number, 978-3-86805-604-4  $50 a pop.

15. Girma Orssengo
Obsessive endlessly reposting a single horizontal line graph that uses data scale compression to render global warming invisible, or at least illegible.
16. Mike Haseler
Author of highly original theory that photons are an elitist hoax:                            “Over time I realised that: 
 1. There is no need for the idea of a “photon”. 
 2. That none of the raw evidence requires “photons”. 
 3. That the wave-particle theory of light is anti-scientific "

17. Professor Nicola Scafetta
Duke physicist who asks: Does the Sun work as a nuclear fusion amplifier of planetary tidal forcing? ” No, Nicola, it really, really does not.

18. Bob Tisdale
Data analyst who  thinks  barometer variation explains ocean warming, but somehow can’t explain  exactly how  to the  long-suffering  referees of the A, B, C, D, E & F-list scientific journals that have serially rejected his submissions.

19. Myrrh
Antipodaen ridiculer of Climate-Philosophers in ye 3rd person:
So first Myrrh is saying that the greenhouse gases water/carbon dioxide cool the Earth by taking away the heat from the surface of the Earth through the Water Cycle and it is this cycle which has been expunged from the AGW world to pretend that greenhouse gases warm the Earth...          Hopefully a Poe.
20. Spartacusisfree (AKA  mydogsgotnonose)
Engineer who claims that the radiative properties of CO2 don’t apply to the atmosphere:
There is absolutely no experimental proof of any CO2…I became a ‘denier’ after I concluded there were 5 errors in IPCC physics. 
I may be mad, bad and deluded, but I want a second option because I’m a scientist who believes no-one.”

Hat tip to Whut for surfacing half of these desparadoes in 2013 !