Sunday, November 27, 2016


Tsar Bomba  51 megaton  Soviet  H-bomb test ,
 October 30 1961

Dear Comrade Fidel Castro:
We have received your letter of October 28... and are taking into account your difficulties... from the threat of an attack by American imperialists ... In your cable of October 27 you  proposed that we be  the  first  to carry out  a nuclear strike  against the enemy’s territory. Naturally you understand where that would lead us.   It would not be a simple strike, but the start of a thermonuclear world war.
Dear Comrade, I find your proposal  to  be  wrong,  even though I understand your reasons... Without a doubt the Cuban people would have fought courageously but... We struggle against imperialism, not in order to die, but to draw on all of our potential, to lose as little as possible, and later to win more, so as to be a victor and make communism triumph...
We consider that the aggressor has suffered a defeat. He was preparing to attack Cuba, but we stopped him ... This process of struggle will last for as long as there exists on this earth two sociopolitical systems, until one of the systems, and we know that it will be our communist system, triumphs world-wide...
Chairman of the  Presidium of The Supreme Soviet of  The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 


The  ashes  of  Cuba's  longest  serving  Dictator For Life  were  interred  today,  two  miles from San Juan Hill, where Theodore Roosevelt, later democratically elected as President of the United States, liberated the isand from imperial domination by defeating the forces of the King of Spain  in 1898.