Tuesday, January 31, 2017


           "I'm on the right side of  history."
Declares Breitbart "Interpreter of interpretations" James Delingpole, taking time off from not reading science to applaud the  GWPF  press conference performance of  Trump's  Lord  High  EPA Executioner, Myron Ebell, as seen above. Delingpole seems something of a fan:
"... the joy of watching the feline Ebell goading the audience with his amused erudition, sweet politeness , and crushing one liners. He’s a cultured, fearsomely intelligent man... 
When the press essentially accused Ebell of representing evil oil interests, he replied by noting the vast power and corruption of what he called the Climate Industrial Complex – from grant-grubbing scientists to regulation-hungry rent-seeking businesses- which feeds on the global warming scam
And what did facts did Ebell adduce in dismissing model projections of climate change? The IPCC projections themselves ?  No way- he brandished a production so crude that the plotted data don't share a common baseline- the egregiously cherry picked , counterfactual and data-denying graph John Christy  shamelessly cut and pasted to present to  Congress alongside Ebell last June:

 Delingpole goes on to excoriate science journalists with whom he disagrees, which is to say all of them:
With one or two exceptions – none immediately spring to mind, but I’m sure there some – they are a bunch of despicable fails. They’re far too much in bed with the environmental movement; far too ready to transcribe their stories almost verbatim from the press releases of Greenpeace and the WWF or whichever renewable energy outfit has given them the sweet-talk; and far, far too reluctant to question the bullshit fed to them "
So where besides the feeble Ebell does  Delingpole turn for his facts? 

"Then, of course, there is the great Anthony Watts – founder of the most widely read and important sceptical website of the lot... I owe Wattsy an enormous amount the war we're fighting concerns the battle between openness, honesty, truth, liberty and freedom of expression on the one hand, and corrupt, dishonest, bullying authoritarianism on the other. What's particularly valuable about Watts Up With That? is ... Anyone is welcome to contribute to the debate,"
          --James Delingpole , Daily Telegraph  11 April 2013

Anyone, that is,  except  those who read the scientific literature- Watts and Delingpole are notorious for  automatically censoring  or banning their critics. The systematic exclusion of climate  scientists, has turned both Watts Up With That and Delingpole's Breitbart column  into two of the internet's  most Orwellian echo chambers.   If  this celebration of alternative facts as Newspeak  is  "debate" Delingpole is well justified in his conclusion:

"someone asked Myron Ebell what Stephen K. Bannon, Trump’s chief policy adviser, thought about climate change.
“Well you can get an idea from the fact that when he was at Breitbart the guy he recruited to write about it was James Delingpole…” Ebell said... 
No wonder I got so many hate-filled glares when I poked my head into the crowded room, 15 minutes late.
The feeling’s mutual. But that’s OK because I’m on the right side of history, whereas their view of the world is toast. Welcome to the suck, guys. It’s only just beginning…"

Actually, the wannabe Widmerpool went on the warpath against science after being, well, totally crushed, on BBC prime-time by Royal Society President Sir Paul Nurse, witness these subsequent Breitbart ledes:

  1. * Cockwomble (coq-womm-bull) noun
    Person possessing properties of striking idiocy.
    That bloke is a f*cking cockwomble
    How the hell did no-one get punched?