Wednesday, June 14, 2017

       WHY  WOULD  A  BLOG  WITH  300,000,000  AUTHENTIC

Disinformation doyen seeks  financial help  to 
lower  signal-to-noise ratio  of  climate  policy  debate :

WUWT at 10+ years – I need some help, please

UPDATE 6/14/17: Michael E. Mann just can’t stand this, see below.
Hello everyone,
I feel like many of you are family, you’ve been with me and this endeavor so long. I started in November of 2006, and I’m approaching my 11th year. In all that time, WUWT has been providing a daily service to readers with original research, commentary, and humor where appropriate.
During this time, we’ve witnessed many great things together: Climategate started here in 2009, and the implosion of the Copenhagen conference as a result. The unmasking of the IPCC, showing that many of the “voodoo science” claims against skeptics made by IPCC chairman Pachauri, were based on fake datashockingly bad science, and even grey literature
Now the tables are turned, and he’s out in disgrace
Then there was the time that I proved without a doubt that both Al Gore and Bill Nye were not just incompetent, but liars too, faking a science experiment. That finding by me was later backed up by a peer reviewed paper in the American Journal of Physics.
Then there was the leaking of the IPCC AR5 documents here, showing how corrupted their thinking is, and how the final product was sanitized. 
Then there’s the Paris Agreement, watching it unfold, shaking our heads at the inanity of it. Even Dr. James Hansen called it a “fraud”. Then, just two weeks ago, watching President Trump remove the U.S. from it. It was truly a great day, with the bonus of watching all those heads explode...
It’s been a great ride. But, to be honest, I’m facing burnout... 
I want to keep contributing, but I need a break to do it. I think I deserve one. Steve McIntyre of ClimateAudit once told me in a face to face conversation that “You and I both have done the work of ten men. I think we’ve given them a good run” (he was referring to the “Hockey Team et al”). Steve has essentially retired [from] blogging, because he has other pursuits. He feels like he’s done his fair share. I’d say his contribution was monumental.
I still have more stories to tell, I still have more research to do, I still have more to contribute.
One of the great things about WUWT is that we’ve had so many guest authors. This keeps it fresh. But I still have to administer it all. I do it from my phone, my laptop, and my home and office PC. I’ve never really been out of touch from it
Here’s the stats over the past 10+ years.
  • 16,496 stories posted
  • 49 reference pages (some of which sorely need work...

It’s driving them all batshit crazy that:
1. I’ve survived 10 years, even though I’m apparently too stupid to have accomplished anything in that time.

2. People actually like me and want to help.

3. More people read WUWT than all of their blogs combined.
I’m very blessed. Thanks to everyone! – Anthony