Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Truth That Sets Men Free Is Seldom The One He's Paid To Write


Underpaid tradesmen seek alms at Paris Climate Hustle debut
None won a science journalism scholarship
Facts are sacred. The truth always makes the best story. You do not  make shit up.

Not only ought this stuff to be obvious, but it ought to come instinctively. Isn’t the whole attraction of joining an unglamorous, overworked, underpaid trade like journalism that you want to discover the truth about the world: all the stuff that they would rather you didn’t know?
That’s certainly been my own experience in the last few years covering the climate change/enviro-lunacy beat... I know I’m doing good and making a real difference: there are some devious bastards out there doing terrible stuff and I’m exposing their knavery and holding them to account.
Sometimes I get asked by people on the other side of the argument: “What if you’re wrong?”
Here’s  the  first  thing  I’ll  do  if  I’m wrong  about climate change.  I’ll write  a  big  piece  explaining  why  I’m wrong.   Then  I’ll  find someone who  is  prepared  to  pay  me  for writing the opposite of what I do  now.
This isn’t because I’m  a moral paragon. It’s because I’m lazy and  because  I prefer  the easier life:  writing  journalism where you have to keep making up your “ facts ”  is  much,  much  harder   than  doing  what  I  do  now ,  which  is basically, copying out true facts and then adding a few nice adjectives and thinking up a snarky final sentence."
Like : 
“It is not my job to sit down and read peer-reviewed papers because I simply haven't got the time..."
                                                 James Delingpole, 2011 BBC  interview with
                                                      Royal Society president Sir Paul Nurse
I feel a bit of an imposter talking about the science. I'm not a scientist, you may be aware. I read English Literature.”
                                                James Delingpole, 2011 Heartland Institute 
                                                     International Conference on Climate Change