Thursday, September 7, 2017

                      THE BOTTLED WATER SHORTAGE

Hurricane Irma's expected landfall leaves many Floridians fearing a repeat of  Hurricane Harvey's havoc. But not  Rush Limbaugh, Newsweek reports:

"On Monday, the right-wing radio personality delivered a customarily freewheeling monologue in which he seemed to suggest that hurricanes were a liberal conspiracy intended to convince the public that climate change is real...

Limbaugh is a resident of Palm Beach, Florida, and the hurricane-themed monologue appeared to be driven by his observation that bottled water had already been sold out in local stores, in preparation for Irma’s imminent landfall.

“The reason that I am leery of forecasts this far out, folks, is because I see how the system works,” Limbaugh said, alluding to alleged conspiracies against President Donald J. Trump. “Hurricane Harvey and the TV pictures that accompany that go a long way to helping further and create the panic.”...

The crux of Limbaugh’s argument was that 
“in the official meteorological circles, you have an abundance of people who believe that man-made climate change is real. And they believe that Al Gore is correct when he has written—and he couldn’t be more wrong—that climate change is creating more hurricanes and stronger hurricanes.”...
Limbaugh suggested that hurricane coverage was a means for local media outlets to increase ratings and local retailers to increase sales... “You cannot find a case of bottled water here in Palm Beach,” he said. “You can’t. Miami, probably even worse.” 

Bill Maher begs to disagree, Trump St. Martin having been wind-shredded  yesterday