Sunday, February 11, 2018


A never before western published paleoclimate study from China suggests warmer temperatures in the past

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People send me stuff. Today in my inbox, WUWT regular Michael Palmer sends this note:
My wife Shenhui Lang found and translated an interesting article from 1973 that attempts the reconstruction of a climate record for China through several millennia 
The paper is interesting in that it shows a correlation between height of the Norwegian snow line and temperature in China for the last 5000 years.

A  Preliminary Study on the Climatic Fluctuation during the last 5000 years in China
Zhu Kezhen
Published in China Daily, June 19th, 1973 / translated by Shenhui Lang, PhD

Chairman  Mao  taught  us  that 
“In  the fields of  the struggle for production and  scientific experiment, mankind makes constant progress and nature undergoes constant change, they never remain at the same level. 

Therefore, man has constantly to sum up experience and go on discovering, inventing, creating and advancing. 
Ideas of stagnation, pessimism, inertia and complacency are all wrong. 

They are wrong because they agree neither with the historical facts of social development over the past million years, nor with the historical facts of nature so far known to us ... This idealistic type of argument has been proven wrong based on the Chinese historical records.
There are abundant records of meteorology and phenology in the Chinese historical documents, which unfortunately are scattered. This article is a preliminary analysis of the climate change based on the available historical records, hoping to draw an outline of the major trend of climate change in the past 5000 years in china.