Monday, January 21, 2019

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‘Mikes Nature Trick’ Revisited- @ScottAdamsSays edition

... Dilbert creator and cartoonist Scott Adams has been delving into the question of who has the more credible arguments: Climate Alarmists or Climate Skeptics?...
I don’t blame Scott Adams for finding the issue impenetrable,,, so, I worked directly with our resident cartoonist Josh. What follows is the result of that collaboration, 
It is important to note that in the above cartoon, Josh focuses on the “near present” part of the hockey stick, and it’s not the entire graph ... used an entirely different dataset in it’s place – surface thermometer readings. ..Imagine the penalties that would occur in the stock market and financial world if somebody pulled a trick like that to present data for public consumption.
Good question-  the  Securities & Exchange Comission should certainly subpoena any Surface Stations project founder who uses only ground-based thermometers data of his own choosing to inform investoors in David Evans  global cooling hedge fund, and public offerings such a these:

McIntyre: ‘a reductio ad absurdum of tree ring chronologies as useful temperature proxies’

Steve McIntyre has a look at the “revised” PAGES2K temperature proxy dataset that includes tree rings and river sediments. He finds the usual ridiculous problems from the past  in Proxies.

Fatally flawed paper: trees are proxies for the jet stream – and they say ‘now we have more extreme weather’

From the UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA and the learn Liebigs Law before you make unsupportable claims department, comes this laughable paper

It's great to see Scott has caught Watts moving the goal posts again, but he should be aware that his competitor,Josh, gets paid by a consortium of  British coal barons and energy investors incuding GWPF founder Lord Lawson. 
As for climate scientists helping Adams see exactly what we see, here's my RealClimate strip reflecting on his career as Dilbert's science adviser: