Thursday, October 28, 2021


 Silicon Valley's most endangered wildflower, the metaphor leafed clover

Speaking on behalf of the performance artists formerly known as Zuck, Chuck Monteazucar, the new CEO of Facebook spinoff  General Atemics,  said he hoped to rebrand  COP26 Glasgow by imploding an atemic bomb over the green zone. 
Unlike snart bombs, long ago banned on Facebook, Atemic Implosives channel the negative energy of social networks into an intellectual vacuum that collapses violently when canceled.

Chuck announced  the new Party Of Congresses  brand  will kick off with Halloween Metaclimate Crisis afterparty at ground zero, which, for Health and Safety reasons, will be open only to Artificially Accredited Metajournalists and Stress Management Dog avatars, like Chuck:

Monteazucar unveils Meta's new blue 
Failed Pretzel logo

The move follows Facebook's  Congressional hearing success , where  General Atemics execs waved  Xtinction Insurrection placards, and lip synched AI generated replies to questions provided by Chatbots to Artificial Journalist focus groups, a protocol K-Street observers say General Secretary Guterres andJohn Podesta  may soon adopt as a Best Practice.

At today's Capitol Hill hearing on fossil fuel PR horror stories, cancelled NPR Metajournalism Avatar Michael Oreskes asked Representative Bush of Missouri about social media critics:

"without objection, let the Congressional Record reveal those fascist Facebook racist turncoats as the two-faced Janussaries that they are. 


Madame Chairman, I yield the remainder of my time to this video of Representative Porter pouring rice on the contaminated ground to symbolize how oil profit inflation since 1619  triggers thousands of fatal asthma attacks every day by releasing radioactive oil refinery water into segregated  public schoolyards, and thus threatens the re-election of this honorable Congress."