Monday, February 5, 2024


Mann v. Steyn's one bleak hope of amicable resolution may lie in transferring blame to the lawsuit's central meme.  Throughout this litigation's  long and uncivil course, the intersection of sex and drugs and hockey sticks has provoked  capital crimes from the frozen wastes of Canada to the blasted heath of the Forest of Dean.

Some of these cases seem all too germane to the one at hand:

The often hallucinatory character of the the hockey stick wars reflects the  episodic abuse of controlled substances. Examples range from hurricane chasers on steroids, and malaria-addled climate cranks touting lethal doses of chloroquine as a sure Covid cure, to the alarming

news that Global Warming Policy Foundation Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson's on-camera brio stems from scarfing Bolivian marching powder backstage at the BBC.

As Nigella's in law, Viscount Monckton is a walking advertisement for his own home brew pharmaceuticals, this pattern of abuse may put important climate memes at risk

One learned  London journal of climate skepticism The Daily Mail, deplores how a hockey stick became an instrument of martyrdom in a case involving
Murder Weapon Courtesy of Forest of Dean Constabulary
 either too much of one drug, or not enough of another, and the venerable BBC reports a man downed a gallon of lager before using his daughter's hockey stick to beat a neighbor to death in the Forest of Dean.
A year before the Nature debut of Mann's hockey stick, another gained notoriety by delivering 166 blows, six of them reckoned fatal, to a man found in bed with a Scottish cable layer's mistress.

Given the hockey stick's long criminal history, 

why not condemn it as a deodand, that useful legal fiction defined as a thing forfeited to God when found guilty of  inflicting death. Stay tuned to see if the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation convenes twelve good & true climate deniers to demand reversal of Mann v. Steyn on grounds that the villainous stick comes under canon, not civil law.