Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Willard A. Watts,  Science Prohibitionist  extraordinaire
has brought the gimlet eye of climate skepticism to bear
on the beer supply of geophysics.
He writes from the Fall AGUmeeting:
"The poster sessions seemed to have doubled in size… it might have been due to the free beer provided by AGU:
Yet Watts uttered nary a wail as he ordered free drinks from the free bar at Heartland's first ICCC conference, nor did he and fellow WCTU ( Wassailing Coolista Temperance Union ) members cry in their beer as they bellied up to the free bar at Heartland's last ICCC conference, staged at that bastion of sobriety, 

 So raise a glass of Yuletide cheer to Watts for AGU snapshots that testify the California drought has raised a powerful  thirst: