Wednesday, July 22, 2015

                             PARIS HOSTS GREATEST

The Paris Summit of Conscience  commenced with a  
53 cliche' salute 
fired off by The Climaterminator:
“I’ve  starred in a lot of  science  fiction  movies  and, let me tell you something ... the debate is over...all over the world we can see  flooding,  monster  storms,  droughts  and  wild-fires  that  are completely  out   of   control."

Meanwhile, in  another  Francophone capital, Toronto, noted climatrix Jane Fonda told David Suzuki

" The  world  faces  an  existential  crisis."

Fashion accessories seen at the Summit of Conscience suggest the solution to the  existential angst of the Climate Crisis now entering its 27th year  is not Sartre's old standby, a lit Gauloises, but Azeztulite the Performance Art Material formerly known as quartz

Like many A-list  environmental fundraisers, the Paris Summit  was aglow with this fine metaphysical product, which:

originated from star beings called, The Azez, which means “Nameless Light”,  to act as a communication device for their inter-dimensional travel. The Azez spoke of these crystals to have beneficial gifts for those who are in search of light ... The vibrations of Azeztulite increase with rising of the vibrations of the Earth... 
Use with caution, as the vibrational shift it can induce may cause disorientation 
Azeztulite's manufacturer  suggests placing the crystals on the foreheads of  environmenta summiteers, to 
'assist them in reclaiming knowledge from its genetic memory banks. By raising vibrations while  increasing intake of light, the Summit’s aspiring  dimensional engineers  can activate their ascension points to shift discourse to a higher vibrational plane, bringing higher frequencies down to the earth to aid spiritual evolution and, because azeztulite  carries the vibration and energy of the intelligence of the Sun that holds the solar system in its energetic field. 
As we also align with our Sun, other Suns are sending their cosmic rays, these cosmic rays are solar flares from our Central Sun that are aligning on the Earth. The last time we were aligned to the Sun and Central Sun  we created the pyramids--
The Pleadians are joyously awaiting the Second Sun, which will manifest as the Central Sun Alcyone is in alignment on the 21st May, with the Wesak Full Moon and the Shamballa force on May 18th. The Central Sun Aldebaran, the eye of the bull, in Taurus will be aligned on 31st of May. Almach of the Andromedan Galaxy is right on the big alignment May 4th. The Andromedan galaxy is in alignment with Divine Will and this galaxy is merging with us, this is a multi-dimensional experience grounded through the Taurus alignment... 
If that doesn't modulate cosmic rays enough to magnetize the Iron Sun and bring on the ice age of Aquarius,  the convened Personalities will have to  reach for their credit cards and escalate to the next spiritual stage  of the Azetulite-enabled  Climate  Wars :

Remote Spirit/Entity/Ghost Removal
$35.00                       Product Code: REMOVAL
                        Availability: 27