Thursday, April 6, 2017


April 6, 2017, 12:04 am

''The dance party’s just begun.
The Resistance might seem far away from some TAS readers’ lives. But in Washington, D.C., large parts of the media and policy intelligentsia do not consider Trump a legitimate president. A former D.C. television producer I know believes assassination is the answer. Civil disturbances and psycho behavior possible only in postmodern America are receiving a pass and often a media blessing. 
Do you recall the January 18 Queer Dance Party that showed up at Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s house in Chevy Chase two nights before the inauguration? ... The Washington Post ran a covertly approving piece. Advocate magazine reported, 
Last Saturday night, WERK founder Firas Nasr and his confederates danced from Dupont Circle to “Rexi and Ivanka-poo’s neighborhood to send the clear message that our climate and our communities matter.” Hundreds of protesters swarmed the Ivanka Trump house before moving on to Rex Tillerson’s place. Beforehand, Huffington Post’s crowed, “There’s Going To Be A Huge Queer Dance Protest Outside Of Ivanka Trump’s House.” ABC’s Washington affiliate got in on the act. Facebook Events announced “Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice at Ivanka Trump’s House!”... Come on down.. 

“Ivanka Trump has presented herself as a friend of the gays and a climate czar,” Nasr told Fortune magazine. “We’re not going to blindly accept her claims in being support of the climate and LGBTQ communities. If she does support us, she needs to speak out for us while we are under attack...“Scott Pruitt, the climate denying head of the EPA” and Rick Perry, “an oil hawk who’s a flaming homophobe.”
“The entire Trump Administration has shown a blatant disregard for our planet and ...the people most affected by the administration’s bad climate decisions are our most vulnerable friends: our poor, working class, native, trans & POC siblings.”  

Nasr says he created WERK (rhymes with twerk, get it?) for Peace as a grassroots movement in response to the June 2016 shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida,"

As to the Amerian Geophysical Union , Science reports:

Geophysics society hopes to define sexual harassment as scientific misconduct               By Maggie Kuo