Wednesday, February 8, 2012

VVivat !

Having lost his place on TV, weatherman Anthony Watts has created a blog that qualifies as  a sort of stupor mundi, a haven for serial crackpottery by the thermodynamically challenged,  congregated in the service of commercial disinformation and political self-deceit.

Its name, half pun and half-plagiarised from SNL's least funny skit, has come to signify  petty censorship and sustained hypocrisy of Vice Presidential amperage.

This website represents its antithesis, a venue for the ventilation of climate bloggerell that has sunk low enough to qualify as scientific comedy of manners.

We apologize for the webmonkeying in progress, and invite cooperation to improve its design as it moves towards functional status. It would be wonderful were some public spirited South Pacific ubergeek to forward with software to automatically translate comments based on cargo cult science into pidgin. Until it does our comment policy will consist  exclusively in running any  comments substantive or critical that WUWT censors or refuses.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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