Thursday, December 26, 2013


The semiotic intersection of the Drug War and the Climate Wars has turned 2013 into an annus horribilis of hockey stick abuse.

After the steroid propelled ravings of Joe Bastardi, came the news that Lord Lawson's daughter Nigella, resident Domestic Goddess of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, owed her on-camera brio to scarfing Bolivian marching powder backstage at the BBC.

As Nigella's brother's brother in law, Viscount Monckton is a walking advertisment for his own home brew pharmaceuticals, this may put climate denial's holiest relic at risk.

One of WUWT's favorite learned journals, The Daily Mail, reports the Holy Hockey Stick of Cisco, long venerated by Watt's acolytes, now figures as an instrument of martyrdom in a case involving either too much of one drug, or not enough of another.