Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Watching a zombie journal like Pattern Recognition in Physics rise from the grave of climate denier captivity, one wonders why the cranks attempting its resurrection didn't hoist their editorial jolly roger aboard some less creaky journal ?
You may not see them at your corner newsstand, but at $4,000 and up per institutional subscription, there is no sub-sub-discipline too obscure to command its own journal. Pergamon's late great Captain Bob was the first to grow rich inflating the list. At its high water mark, Harvard had 35,800 journal subscriptions to pay. 

Why fool around with old vanity presses or Pseudojournals like E&E and PRP, when publishers launch new ones with sciency titles and pristine reputations almost weekly? With application, pseuds like Viscount Monckton, and deferential operators like Benny Peiser and Fred Singer could sell space in the latest to every energy flack and PR hack on K-Street: 
The Journal of Pseudo-Differential 
Operators and Applications 

No anchorman dare challenge a title of such magisterial opacity!