Monday, May 14, 2018

                             A  BILLION BAGS OF GREEN SLIME ?

"Earth Day celebrations are by no means small, with some estimates approximating a billion participants around the globe... and it is easy to imagine that social media will trigger countless little Earths being added to profile pictures.

Back in 1970,... Senator Gaylord Nelson... looked to the enthusiasm of the student anti-war movement and envisioned mobilizing that same kind of energy ...some of the online suggestions for activities with kids – like mashing around blue and green slime in a sandwich bag or decorating a Styrofoam ball with blue and green glitter – ... is particularly ironic with this year's goal to “ end plastic pollution.” 

... the Earth Day Network is trying to inspire “a billion acts of green...” a thousand small conversations about shower length or portion control might leave a more lasting impression than a thousand plastic bags filled with slime..."