Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Heartland Institute bore James Taylor has long elicited groans at Forbes for the impudence of his sockpuppetry. Now it seems he has been caught out in the cold by posting his latest column in the midst of a hacker attack that has paralyzed Forbes so completely that no one can comment, or as of this writing, change their password to sign back in.

Except , of course, those posessed of the Author's Password. As with most editorial software systems, there is a  firewalled back door to Forbes columns & comments authors and their pet trolls can access even when the website is in flames. Which makes one wonder who generated this, the sole and only comment on the wit & wisdom of Taylors latest screed, 

Kerry’s personal attacks on unnamed scientists are horrendous! The fact that he didn’t name any scientists is what makes those attacks so personal and so offensive. It’s like, “I won’t name names, but you know who I’m talking about” (wink wink).
Stop ramping up the personal attacks Kerry! You aren’t a scientist so you aren’t qualified to tell us your stupid opinion about science. Thanks for calling him out James. Well done!