Wednesday, February 12, 2014



Honorary degree recipients await Gov. Daniels at Rose-Hulman commencement
Whether they produce or consume disinformation, amateur and professional climate skeptics all must be educated somewhere. 
But where can they go to master disbelief in theories incompatible with career success on Fox Science TV?  

It isn't easy to disremember subjects as unforgettable as thermodynamics and the conservation of energy - it takes more than a few hours of  listening to Mark Steyn lecture at Rush U. 

So who is qualified to teach the next generation of climate ignorami? Since imbiciles are thin on the ground at both ordinary and extraordinary institutions of higher learning, students of the sociology of agnotology need to start at the bottom of the university pecking order and work their way up til they find institutions that fill the bill.

To this end researchers have been harrowing the halls of academe to find places where the Peter Principle distills academic incompetence to levels high enough to produce pundits who share Coungressman Broun's view that scientific basics are "lies straight from the pit of hell," or  Indiana Governor Daniel's judgement that "The debate, so far, has been dominated by “experts” from the University of Hollywood and the P.C. Institute of Technology."

The answer seems to lie in universities with the worst graduation rates. Now 
Texan oil men, Oklahoman Senators, and Chicago's Heartland Institute can take pride in finding their epicenters of climate denial officially recognized in the Times of London's Chronicle of Higher Education

2010  Bottom Ten List

InstitutionGraduation rate @ 6 YearsGraduation rate @ 4 yearsUndergrad enrollmentPell grant recipients$ spent per degreeAid per recipient
Vincennes UniversityVincennes, Indiana0.0%0.0%16,59526.3%$47,741$9,675
University of Houston-DowntownHouston, Texas12.4%1.0%12,74641.8%$35,690$4,786
Texas Southern UniversityHouston, Texas13.3%5.9%6,96469.4%$135,930$6,950
Chicago State UniversityChicago, Illinois13.9%3.0%5,66771.6%$112,141$11,856
Cameron UniversityLawton, Oklahoma14.1%5.4%5,86038.9%$53,724$4,998
Utah Valley UniversityOrem, Utah15.0%3.9%32,57332.8%$46,697$4,247
Coppin State UniversityBaltimore, Maryland16.3%4.6%3,29858.3%$140,300$8,027
Indiana University-NorthwestGary, Indiana19.4%5.5%5,30733.0%$55,326$5,679
Central State UniversityWilberforce, Ohio19.4%7.9%2,24477.0%$197,534$7,446
CCNY College Jamaica Plain

The Chronicle's methodology seems right on the mark, producing a palpable hit at the Oil Patch's least endowed university.  

Though the Downtown Campus of The University of Houston somehow manages to graduate less than one student in a hundred on time, it still finds hanging space down the street from The Petroleum Club for the mortarboard of  Heartland Institute Fellow Larry Bell, whose chair in 'Space Architecture'  has been endowed by a colorful Japanese political figure and his heavily tattooed associates.