Friday, March 11, 2016


Friday unfunny: How one obnoxious fool caused Dr. Roy Spencer to throw in the towel on his blog
Most members of the climate debate online have run across Doug J. Cotton. He’s been long banned from WUWT... I even wrote a parody once  titled  Critical Mass of Cotton  aka  Doug Cotton Orders a Pizza  (well worth a read).  He didn’t get the hint from that either and continues trying all sorts of ways to get his special brand of physics publicized here and elsewhere. 
Here’s what Dr. Roy Spencer wrote today, he’s had enough of this clown:                 Blog Comments Suspended
Douglas-J-Cotton[1] After spending far too much time over the years dealing with Doug Cotton’s brand of physics ... I have decided to suspend comments on my blog...
NB:           Has Roy read this notice ?                 --------> 
A few scientists have suggested to me they think Doug is actually paid by Soros or Steyer to waste our time, but I find that to be a little far-fetched.  I sometimes wish we skeptics had a George Soros or a Tom Steyer to bankroll our blog efforts...
when John Christy and I are gone, the UAH global temperature dataset might well die with us ; young researchers risk their careers by involving themselves with what is considered  to  be  skeptic-friendly  science
Unfortunately, I have too much going on in my life right now to babysit the blog comments section, so I am going to just shut them down. 
Too bad.