Wednesday, March 8, 2017

                                 The Ambassadeur's  New  Gloves

"We will march for what we love, the thrill of discovery, the joy of understanding, and the benefits for all."

That pretty much limits the march to the Spring outing route Theodore Roosevelt imposed on Washington guests he thought in need of vigorous exercise.

Arriving at a designated spot in Rocky Creeek Park, they were exhorted to proceed two miles in a dead sraight line , climbing up, over, and across every obstacle, boulder and fallen tree to  the Potomac, where a Secret Service boat would collect   their clothes  so they could would swim to the islet in midstream where a picnic lunch awaited them.

This appealed to the persidential sense of humor,  for while hisold  friends knew they should wear their stoutest clothing, new invitees often  appeared in formal gear.

Such was the case  when the new  French ambassador appeared, but he gamely followed TR across the rocky terrane , loosing his silk top hat and splitting his frogged coat an the process of getting to the river bank, where he found the Presedent and the rest of the party in the process of stripping naked to swim the river.

The ambassador , being the doyen of the Washington diplomatic corps, naturally followed his host's example, but as he prepared to enter the water , TR noticed the otherwise naked Frenchman,  still had his gloves on.

" Monsieur Ambassadeur, " TR said with surprise,  I see  you are still wearing violet kidd gloves!"

" But of course, Monsieur President!
 What if we should meet the ladies ?"