Friday, January 22, 2016


No, 2015 Was Not The Hottest Year Evah…

by James Delingpole  Breitbart    21 Jan 2016

Over the next few days and weeks you will hear lots and lots of stories about how 2015 was the “Hottest Year Evah”.

James DelingpoleEvery time you do so, reach for your Browning. Whoever makes this claim will be an idiot, a liar, a charlatan – or, in the case of many establishment climate scientists, most likely all three.
I’ll explain why in a moment. But first, meet the morons ...

          • During the Minoan Warming Period, Vikings built stone dairy barns on Greenland that held up to 50 cattle, abandoned and reoccuopied during the Roman and MedievalWarming Periods....who you believe, thousands of dead Vikings or Climaclownologists ?

            • Difficult for the Vikings to build barns during the Minoan Warm Period. The Minoan WP began around 1400 BC and ended around 800 BC. The Viking age lasted from the 8th century AD to the 11th century AD. Just saying.